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Tahoe wildflowers along the trail to Lake Dardanelles.

Glen Alpine Falls

Fallen Leaf Lake, May 2018

Wandering Daisy

Lake Tahoe Wildflowers

Gorgeous Lake Dardanelles​

An easy 7.3-mile hike from the Big Meadows parking lot on Hwy 89 just South of Meyers, CA. 

Occupant Vs Resident

“Hey, Cookie Jar, git yurself back here.” I sigh and turn around. The pavement is cracked and dusty and the temperature has soared into the upper reaches of heat stroke. I’m two steps past a bad attitude. Several houses back, a middle-aged man waves…

Squelch it Bubba

It’s dark, it’s winter in Kodiak and I’ve just changed my tire, when a burly figure emerges from the gloom. “The watch captain said to ride with you.” He notices the tire iron in my hand. “I’ll just check the lug nuts before we…

Apples & Oranges

Deep predawn colors of ink and cobalt are streaked with yellow and magenta as I work my way down the narrow aisle of a Boeing 737 as it levels off at 28,000 feet. “Something to drink?” I set the break on the beverage cart…

Winter Warriors

There is a breath of snow. The air is true. As skiers hike the slopes of Mt. Tallac, arrayed in peacock hues of green and blue, to stand upon the vaulted mountain back. Surveying slopes of pristine snow, and rock crevasses, shining white, to…

Twisted Intentions

“Oooh,” moans Brat, clutching her chest and doubling over. “Oooh, oooh, oooh.” Brows raised, Beamer and I look at each other and then turn to stare at Brat. We’re in the middle of the baby supply aisle when our little sister goes into a full body spasm. Brat…

Toga Party

I eye the cocktail costume and shake my head. “Not my size.” I know the women in wardrobe and I’ve baked them cookies in exchange for the longest skirt possible. “Can’t you let the hem out?” I ask. “Oh stop.” Angela snatches the plate of…

I’m laughing because you’re my sister