And, he’s smiling!

Poking a stick into the snow is usually a tactic for locating avalanche victims. This time our neighbor is trying to locate his mail box. To the right is a two story four-flex. Windows on the first level are covered by snow, but good news, South Tahoe natives will have a day or so to catch their collective breath before the next round of storms.

Meanwhile, here in the Carson Valley – at least our small corner- the predicted ten inches didn’t materialize. We had two inches, maybe, which blew away in the brisk wind.

Our cats would have blown away if they’d been brave enough to go outside. We have three, along with a rotten dog, who are suffering from cabin fever and causing chaos. Bucket speared my toes with four out of ten claws. For style, I award him a solid eight. For aggravation, I chased him through the house and into my closet.

Which is a mistake as my closet is a wonky add-on that won’t accommodate a standard door. Bucket, who must not be a fan of hangers, prefers my clothes in a tangled heap on the floor.

Bucket was one of twenty-seven feral cats living on the property when we purchased Uncle Ed’s house of DIY. Most of the felines were rounded up and rehoused on a friend’s farm. Now living as barn cats, they have been spayed, neutered, and earn their keep – food and warmth and toys – by tormenting mice and voles.

This is a favorite past time of our cats and the main reason we won’t install a pet door. Well, that and skunks!

Someday, I’ll tell you how Bucket came by his name. In the meantime, I’ll share that I like to reward his bad behavior by scooping him up and raining kisses on his neck. (Or his belly if he’s really bad!)

This might be a death wish but so far my feisty boy hasn’t retaliated. Which he might if we keep getting pummeled by snow.

Our storm is about to cross the country and head toward many of you. Stay safe. Stay warm.

12 Replies to “And, he’s smiling!”

  1. I feel your pain. Our cats sit at the door and meow pitifully until one of us breaks down and opens it. Bear in mind that the door has a full-length glass panel which allows them to see the miserable conditions outside, but they remain unconvinced until we open the door, whereupon they turn tail and run for the warmer recesses of the house. They have an outdoor cat run, accessed via a cat door, in which there are four litter boxes (one for each of the royal family), but they insist that they must go outside to do their business.

    1. Same here. Forget what they see, the wind has to blow their ears back before they believe and Bucket hates the box and lets us know all about it. Still, I didn’t know cats could be so much fun. I’m envious of your catico!

  2. We have just been adopted by a stray who disappears into the shed at the first drop of sleety snow. I shall tell him about your cats. Really impressed by that snow!

  3. Now that is some impressive snow. Not for the faint of heart (which means me).

    We woke ups to about 4 inches of snow yesterday – not the pretty fluffy snow but the heavy, wet slush of a wintry mix. Thank goodness for the shovel-bearing kids next door and their boundless energy! I will not complain; this was the FIRST now of the winter for Southern NY. I’m sure we must have broken a few records.

    I should send our cat Lucy out there; she was feral when we rescued her 6 years ago and she still holds on to some that wildness. We have the battle scars to prove it. She’s lazy, fat, spoiled rotten and can be a real bitch at times but those eyes. Well, I don’t have to tell you, now do I?

    Wonderful read, Kelly! ⛄️

    1. We call that wet stuff Sierra Cement. Not for the faint of heart, nor are our wee feral beasties. As a kitten, Bucket made so many quick surgical strikes to my arm I looked like I cut myself – repeatedly. Enjoy Lucy, she’s know how good she has it (not that she’ll ever admit it.)

  4. My goodness! Now that’s snow. Our 2 feet was just a skiff! This might be the only time you can legally toss Bucket out a second story window! Jk. Enjoy the fun and frolic at your house.

  5. We should be getting some of the fluffy stuff tonight, but not at those levels for sure. Just got back from Vegas and had the pleasure…pain…annoyance… damn frightening experience when it came to the plane landing in the heavy winds they were having – ended up in 70mph winds up in the mountains while we were hunting birds. Sounds like an interesting kitty you have there!

    1. Landing in heavy wind is always an experience! And Bucket? That boy is all personality! Spring birds are returning which is always exciting.

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