Crash Test Dummy

“You tried to kill me.”

Really, we’re doing this again? I set down a glass of cabernet and stare at my sister. Beamer is at her historical best. “I did not try to kill you!” I tell her for the millionth time.

“You shouldn’t have skied so fast. You were out of control when you slammed into me.” 

“I hit an ice patch.” My voice rises, so I breathe deep and reach for my glass. 

She smirks. “You could have killed me.” 

Oh for the love of God. “Did it ever occur to you, that you saved my life?”

Her brows wing up. “Uh huh, and how did I save your life?” 

“I was what, fourteen, fifteen?” Sensing a trap, Beamer gives a slight nod, so I continue. “When I hit the ice, I was headed straight for a huge tree trunk.” I hold both hands out from my sides. “Huge.”

“You were out of control.”

“Yeah, well, who knew skis had edges.”

She splutters. “Of course skis have edges. Mom and Dad wouldn’t let you …”

Her voice trails off and I nod. “Mom only skied a few times and Dad, well Dad made it up the mountain to film us, but I’m not not too sure how he made it down again.” 

“Okay, but what about ski team, didn’t they check our equipment?”

“Beats me, you were on the alpine team, but I skied cross country.”

“Well,” she purses her lips, “you stole my car.”

Oh for the love of God.

24 Replies to “Crash Test Dummy”

  1. My sister couldn’t be bothered with turns. She pointed skis downhill and hoped for the best. Boy was she fast! Short-lived career (or would that be careen) for her.

    1. My little sister tried that and wound up in the Homewood parking lot. Narrowly missed a truck bed. Have a great day, Judy. Careen – Ha!

    1. True! Those were the days of slick ski suits. (or skiing in trash bags when it rained.) We’d crash and slide half way down the mountain. I’m convinced I never broke a bone because I’d go down limp with laughter. Loved every second.

      1. Hi, Kelly, I got an email from Nancy Richie asking me if you can help her get her comments from going in the wordpress spam file. She tried to comment on my blog and I didn’t get the comment and hell if I know how to find the spam file but she found my contact info on my web site which is not a wordpress site. So, can you check it out? Because Nancy can’t make comments and she saw my comment on your blog. She’s not getting anywhere with tech support. Thanks

      2. So all I know is you can find comments that were caught in the spam file – on WordPress – by clicking on comments and looking up at the header. I had 8 comments in spam from bloggers who regularly make comments with no problem. Sorry I don’t have any other info, and thank you! I may not have found these comments for another few months 😦

      1. That’s the way it was with me and my sister. We went through a period where we didn’t talk after she took it upon herself to bury all our family photos with our mom when she passed away. I couldn’t believe she would do that to all our memories! We finally started taking again are now in a really good place but I still don’t know what possessed her to do such a permanent and drastic thing.

      2. Ouch. That’s a tough one and I’m glad you’re speaking again. There are four of us and we each hoarded our stolen family pics until a nephew scanned them all. Still, I bet you’re like me. I bet you can at least remember your favorite images while you make new memories. Have a great weekend!

      3. Yeah, this is true. Besides … what choice do I have? Sometimes we just have to keep a low profile and stay out of the way (not always easy for me!) Hope you have a great weekend!

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