Yay, Thanks!

I won’t admit I’m watching Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, or drinking Bailey’s and coffee, in the middle of the day, but I’m not shoveling either.

I’m wondering how long I can procrastinate before I dig out my truck. Another storm – a sloppy, wet pineapple express – is off the coast. We don’t usually think about storms here in the Carson Valley. Winter storms might drop a few inches. Snowfall melts in a day or two. That seems to be the rule of the high desert.

But I’m not letting sleet further saturate the already wet snow. Still, I have a day or two, so not yet. Well maybe. I’m deliberating when I hear rumbling outside and figure I need to deal with the berm the city plow will leave behind.

Twitching the curtains aside, I peek out and spot Rob’s best friend clearing our good-ole-boy parking lot with his newest toy.

“Took me an hour to get here.” He laughs.

I wave him off with my thanks and a couple of frozen steaks. He’s heading to another friend’s house to unbury a circular drive.

Today we dropped off a case of his favorite beer. We set our offering on a table loaded with beer, and liquor, and goodies.

Turns out Rick had been busy and his neighbor’s grateful. Me too. His visit was better than Santa’s.

Next storm? I’ll be out there every few inches!

11 Replies to “Yay, Thanks!”

  1. What a heck of a good neighbor. Trouble is, neighbors like that who will plow/shovel even for money are becoming increasingly difficult to find in suburbia.

    1. True, but we still have a small town vibe. Very few plows here – not often needed -so the road wound up with deep frozen ruts which made turning into drives difficult to impossible. A local contractor cleared out the ruts. Super appreciated!

      1. Lucky you. We have several graduate students in our neighborhood and they must be richer than we were back in the day. None of them seem even remotely interested in offering assistance (paid or not).

  2. We have neighbors here like that. Our friend with the small snow plow finally gave up on trying to fix it and borrowed my other neighbor’s truck to get a skid steer from the rental yard. He spent most of Monday plowing out the whole street. Now we have huge piles of snow and a mostly clear road. The county did finally send a snow plow yesterday afternoon, but there wasn’t much for it to do.

  3. I used to go to my parents cabin on a remote island in northern Wisconsin with my dad after my mom died. Somehow someone always knew when we arrived at that little place and would show up to clear the mounds of snow in the drive that dad and I would have otherwise been stuck in or been seen making trips through it hauling groceries and suitcases (and wine) for who knows how long. Such good folks. They took care of us. Your story brought it all back. Thanks, Kelly.

    1. As dad got older, the younger neighbors plowed his drive. Always a gift to part of a close community. And snow? I mourn a little bit when winters are lean but this year we’re setting records. Hope you get a good dose of the white stuff!

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