I’ve made far too many viking hats.

Way, way too many.

And each time I decide I’m finished, there’s a family I like but they have kids and pets, and I mean it, this years crop is the last.

Last years harvest included my best friend friend Kathy, who I decided to paint. Her face is about an inch and a half. I’m a lot farther along than this close up, and I’ve removed the blue tint from her skin, but I’ve reworked and scraped her mouth half a dozen times.

By the fourth time I wanted to call her up, drop my voice into gravel tones and say, “you’ve got a sucky face,” when she answers the phone.

She knows me, she’d laugh and then I’d have to explain. If all go wells, I think I’ll surprise her but the sword needs highlights and I’m considering chain mail.

In the meantime, these pics are of family and friends – you know, all those outgoing (not me!) people.

Honestly you will not catch me in a viking hat, and I never danced around the campfire wearing pig snouts and bird beaks like the other family members.

I won’t say this distresses me but I once muttered to Dad, “I’m adopted.”

“No, Honey.” He wiggled his fingers at my sibs. “You’re mine, the rest are adopted.”

Nice try, Dad.

12 Replies to “Marauders”

  1. Your dog does not look amused. My Molly Bear Dog looks very much like the one pictured and she’s a very serious dog, doesn’t suffer fools (and that includes my four cats). Might I suggest you make it up to her/him with a biscuit?

  2. “I won’t say this distresses me but I once muttered to Dad, “I’m adopted.”
    It is the eternal hope.

  3. My family would love these! The kids’ Aunt made them the lumberjack winter hats with beards attached a few year ago. Her husband is a Vikings fan and would totally rock these too!

    1. Lumberjack hats! Oh, no, stay far, far away from my suggestible family members. Honestly, I’ve learned to say no but they push through my weak spots when they find them. Those hats sound adorable!

      1. I hear that! Family is so good at talking you into things…including trouble (hopefully more fun than trouble)!

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