The Dancer

Practice copy of an oil painting by Jacqueline Marval.

I’m floored by what I don’t know about art. So finally, after all these years, I’m trying to follow conventional wisdom. Learn to paint by copying works I admire.

Jacqueline’s works are amazing. I want to attempt pieces that I connect with. Paintings by woman.

This was a ninety minute exercise. I’ll let it sit for awhile and hope I captured the spirit of the original. I know, I know, go bold or go home, but I’m a little tired of turning stuff to mud.

8 Replies to “The Dancer”

  1. A great idea. Well done.
    I volunteer at the Habitat Restore, and the sometimes get prints on board or canvas that are of famous painters, that are too worn or dirty to sell. I have taken a couple of them an done a restoration by painting over the painting with the same colors. It works very well.

  2. Kelly, what an incredibly beautiful site. Your words fell like coming home.
    Thank you so much for the connection.

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