It’s time for change.

I bounced around blue color jobs, had a lovely career as a flight attendant, then retired early to help care for my parents.

Back to odd jobs. Landing at the post office after a generous glass of wine during the pandemic. Wage was okay until you factored in all the unpaid hours delivering copious amounts of Amazon. I held on, finally paying for a new kitchen in our fixer upper.

For the bottom of the barrel, days off at the Post Office are few to nonexistent. Oh, Geez – can’t figure out why they’re always so short-handed. I lasted two years. My busiest week topped eighty six hours – many of those unpaid.

So, I retired.

I’m too young to retire. Dad worked until he was eighty-seven. He stayed busy.

I was always busy. Writing on planes, in hotels and vans, or during airport delays. At home, I rarely sat down. Too many wonderful things to do.

Until I survived the post office. Tired, I turned into a stump. Mind mushy, my body morphed to the shape of a coffee mug. Hey, I like coffee mugs, I just don’t want to resemble one.

I learned to be a better writer, working a now defunct blog, so I’ve decided to use this new one to hone new skills.

So, I commit.

To write. Post blogs. Rewrite two manuscripts with limited potential, and keep the other three well-hidden.

To paint – who knew oil was so difficult and so exhilarating. I won a little oil kit in high school, made mud, never tried again. So the small plein air sketch above is one of my first and full of beginner mistakes. So what? I am a beginner and I’ll post whatever’s on my easel every Wednesday to keep my feet to the fire. Sheesh, I keep descending into cliche!

To try a new recipe each week – Starting with Jeanne’s Bacon Jalapeño Bread. She’s over at www.ajeanneinthekitchen.com . Success, or first draft, I’m posting a pic of that bread on Monday. Who else wants to bake a delicious loaf?

Ok, for once in a great while, I have things to do. See you online!

(And I’ll move – because who wants to look like a coffee mug!)

16 Replies to “Floundering”

  1. I think your painting looks really good! If I tried that you would be able to see mistakes from a mile away ☺️

    1. Thank you. It’s fun and I think that’s all that counts – that and about a gazillion how-to’s on YouTube. Have a great evening.

  2. Floundering. Reminds me of the founder fish, known among fishermen as “a doormat” because it’s … well … flat. Sometimes I feel like a flounder; I think I’d rather be a coffee mug!

    1. Thank you, Michelle. I enjoyed your post My Prerogative. Opinions are well and good but so much better when you look at all sides. Lately, that doesn’t seem to popular – which is sad.

      1. Unfortunately true. 😞 I look forward to seeing more of your artwork! I’m saving ‘learn to paint’ for my 60s and 70s on my future goals but you never know, I might just change my mind! 😁

  3. Love your painting and reflection, Kelly. And the courage and spirit it takes to try something new and uncomfortable, Your painting is so peaceful and reminds me of the blended landscapes I used to see before I discovered I was extremely nearsighted. That turned out to an important lesson about perspective. I learned to see how things blended together rather than as separate and sharply divided.
    I also have a great deal of gratitude for mail carriers and try to keep my sidewalk clear of snow and ice in winter. Their hours are so long in my neighborhood, and daylight so fleeting in winter. Last year especially. I could see them delivering mail by flashlight long after their shift should have ended.

    1. Thank you. The wonderful thing about art is there are so many ways to enjoy the view. I’ll keep cracking on.
      And mail carriers, oh yes they love a cleared walkway. There’s just no time for wet feet!
      Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Carol!

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