Making the Rounds

Languid and slow, a black bear meanders up my drive

and speaks to me, as bears are won’t to do,

with muzzle raised to scent the evening air.

Not on my porch I tell him as I stand on the worn wood 

planks. The last bear to dine here wore a cinnamon

pelt burnished to gold by the dying light. He stood where 

I stand now, one fat paw resting on the window.

Oblivious to the snarling dog on the other side of the pane

he expertly slid the grease trap from the grill and licked it clean.

Not again I whisper to the black beast who in answer

swings his snout to the north and ambles through a

thick line of sugar pine and ponderosa. 

That’s it, I tell him, we’ll see each other tomorrow.

18 Replies to “Making the Rounds”

    1. Thank you, Derrick. I’m still amazed by the quality of light and color you capture in your photos. The greens are so rich and yummy.

  1. You turned a bear encounter into a lovely poem! I grew up in Alaska and didn’t have bear-window encounters (bear-mailbox, yes), but did have moose-window encounters!

  2. Ooh, Moose, I’d love to see one at my window! I always felt I grew up in fairy-tale town – Tahoe in the early years before the onslaught of growth and tourism. I hope you felt the same in Alaska. Stationed there in the 70’s, I was lucky to see Kodiak bear – at a distance. Nature is magic! Thank you, and enjoy your day, Priscilla.

      1. Ohh! That’s so kind of you that you visited my blog and gave your wonderful review to me. And you also, Enjoy your time dear!☺💞😊🙏

    1. 660 square feet and a million happy memories. We were sad to sell but the Tahoe Basin is too busy these days. And, we still have bears. Now you have me thinking of the Northwoods. Thank you, and enjoy your day, Carol.

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